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Rolling aerator

Views: 10     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-11      Origin: Site

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Rolling aeror is a Garden tool for lawn and land, which is used to improve soil ventilation and water permeability. It usually consists of a metal frame and a series of sharp steel nails, which are usually located at the bottom of the metal frame and arranged at certain intervals.


The working principle of a rolling aerator is to insert steel nails into the soil surface, puncture the soil, and create small holes. These small pores help improve soil aeration and drainage, allowing air, water, and nutrients to better penetrate the root area. In addition, ventilation holes also help reduce soil compaction, promote root growth, and promote the health of lawns.

Method of using a rolling aeror:

Before using a rolling aerator, it is first necessary to ensure that the soil surface is moist but not too muddy. This can make it easier for the steel nails to penetrate the soil.

Place the rolling aeror in the area to be treated, and then use appropriate force to push the rolling aeror to insert the steel nail into the soil surface. When pushing the rolling aeror, the steel nails will puncture the soil and form small holes.

Roll the rolling breather back and forth throughout the entire area as needed to ensure that the steel nails are fully inserted into the soil. The spacing and depth of steel nails can be adjusted according to specific needs.

The benefits of using a rolling aeror:

Improving soil ventilation: By forming small holes, rolling aerors increase the ventilation space in the soil, allowing more air to enter the soil. This helps the root system absorb oxygen, promoting plant growth and development.

Improving water permeability: Breathing holes make it easier for water to penetrate deep into the soil, reducing the risk of water accumulation and root diseases. This helps improve the drainage performance of the soil and ensures that water is evenly distributed in the root system area.

Reduce the soil compactness: the steel nails of the rolling aeror can pierce the soil, reduce the soil compactness and improve the Soil structure. This helps with root growth and provides a better root environment.

In general, the rolling aeror is a Garden tool that helps to improve soil aeration, water permeability and root growth. It is one of the important tools for maintaining the health of lawns and land.

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