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Best Watering & Irrigarion Tools at Wholesale Prices

With our commitment to offering top-tier products at wholesale prices, you can enhance your gardening endeavors while enjoying exceptional value.

Types of Best Watering & Irrigarion Tools

Hantechn's selection encompasses an assortment of specialized instruments, each catering to different aspects of effective plant hydration. From versatile hose attachments that offer controlled water flow to sophisticated drip irrigation systems that conserve water while nourishing your plants, our collection covers a spectrum of needs.

Garden Hoses

Garden Hoses


Whether you're watering delicate plants, cleaning outdoor surfaces, or even washing your car, this hose ensures precise control and efficient water usage.

Hose Connector & Repair

Hose Connector & Repair


The Garden Hose Splitter is a practical and innovative device designed to multiply the functionality of your water source. 


Lawn Sprinklers

Lawn Sprinklers


Lawn sprinklers are indispensable tools for efficient and even watering of your outdoor spaces. Designed to mimic the natural rainfall.


Nozzles & Wands

Nozzles & Wands


The Spray Water Gun is a versatile and handy tool designed to provide precise control over your watering needs.


Water Timers

Water Timers


Water timers are essential devices designed to automate and regulate the watering of your garden, ensuring optimal hydration for your plants.




The Electric Spray Bottle is a modern and innovative tool designed to simplify your gardening and household tasks.


Comprehensive Solutions from Hantechn Watering & Irrigation Tools Manufacturer

Searching for a dependable source of watering and irrigation tools? Cultivate success with Hantechn! We're dedicated to addressing your gardening tool requirements, offering versatile manufacturing solutions suitable for startups and established enterprises alike.
Forklift handling pack of aluminum ingot in warehou

Quality Material Selection

Quality remains at the core of our commitment. Each component of our watering and irrigation tools is meticulously crafted from premium materials, ensuring unparalleled excellence in every product.
A keyboard with a labeled button - Customize A keyboard with a labeled button - Customize Personalized Customization stock pictures, royalt(1)

Customization Excellence

Hantechn is renowned for its outstanding OEM and ODM services as a premier watering and irrigation tools manufacturer in China. We possess the expertise to transform your concepts into tangible products, guiding them from inception to realization.
Precision in Molding

Cutting-Edge Innovation

Harnessing the potential of our CNC Machining Technology, we guarantee precision craftsmanship and consistently superior quality for all your watering and irrigation tools. Timely deliveries are guaranteed.
Assured Quality Management

Assured Quality Management

We proudly hold BSCI Verification and ISO9001 Certification, solidifying our dedication to rigorous standards. Your trust in the quality of our watering and irrigation tools production process is well-placed.
Thorough Performance Testing

Thorough Performance Testing

Our watering and irrigation tools undergo rigorous internal and third-party testing, with a special focus on finished products, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.
Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support

Hantechn stands steadfastly by your side throughout the journey. From initial quotation requests to samples, production, and punctual delivery, our proactive team manages each step with unwavering dedication.

Customize Your 

Watering & Irrigation Tools 

with a Chinese Manufacturer

Hantechn proudly emerges as your ultimate destination for premium watering and irrigation tools, offering an expansive range of features, designs, and innovative concepts tailored to meet your specific requirements.
We take immense pride in being your primary manufacturing partner, dedicated to accommodating even the most intricate specifications for your watering and irrigation tools.

 Crafting Precision with State-of-the-Art CNC Machinery

 Expertise in Molding and Workshop Craftsmanship

 Refinement of Watering & Irrigation Tool Components

 Thorough Testing Ensuring Optimal Functionality

 Streamlined Automated Blister Packaging for Effortless Distribution


Why Opt for Hantechn in Your Watering & Irrigation Tool Journey

Hantechn stands firm in its commitment to achieving excellence. To elevate and safeguard the quality of our offerings, we employ cutting-edge manufacturing and testing equipment, 
complemented by the expertise of our skilled professionals.

Frame 6356019  Risk-Free Production 


At Hantechn, our adept professionals are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and timely production process. Our manufacturing team is unwavering in adhering to your timeline and quality requisites.

Frame 6356021  Thorough Transparency


We offer comprehensive order inspection reports, providing you with a clear view of every aspect of your order and ensuring transparency throughout.


Frame 6356018   Holistic Quality Service


From initial price quotations to providing complimentary samples and culminating in final production, we provide a comprehensive quality service experience that caters to all your watering and irrigation tool needs.

Frame 6356019  Certified Excellence


Our certifications include BSCI and ISO9001, showcasing our unwavering commitment to maintaining exceptional standards.


Frame 6356021  Internal Vigilance


We conduct rigorous internal quality control and meticulously track lead times to ensure precision and consistency throughout the production process.

Frame 6356018   Punctual Deliveries


Rely on Hantechn for punctual dispatches of superior watering and irrigation tools, aligning with your designated schedules.


Our Ordering Process​​​​​​​

Quick Quotes
We offer sample and mass production quotations. Our team will respond with full details of your inquiry within 12 hours.
Approve Samples
Receive free samples and confirm the specs. Once approved, we immediately start the pre-production.
We follow manufacturing SOP for producing our flashlights; you are guaranteed to receive goods with quality as expected.
Quality Assurance
We are a tools manufacturer that adheres to standard quality control on all of our tools.

 The Hantechn Pledge  - Unyielding Quality for Watering & Irrigation Tools


Your ultimate partner for watering and irrigation tools in China. Serving esteemed garden brands and retail partners with distinction.

Competitive Pricing for Watering & Irrigation Tools

Secure your bulk orders today! Our certified raw materials and budget-friendly rates fortify your competitive advantage.

Adaptable Minimum Order Quantity

We customize the minimum order quantity to match specific watering and irrigation tool products, ensuring accommodation for both small enterprises and initial orders with budget constraints.

Tailored Watering & Irrigation Tools

Enhance your brand with Hantechn. Our offerings seamlessly blend design and functionality. Collaborate with our expert team to bring your envisioned style and specifications to life.

Unyielding Quality Assurance

We rigorously adhere to established quality control protocols. Upon request, we provide quality documentation like First Article Inspection and Test Reports, assuring unparalleled quality.

Prompt Dispatch

Our streamlined production process guarantees top-tier watering and irrigation tools without compromising your timeline. Timely delivery is our steadfast commitment.

Certified Excellence

Our organizational commitment to quality management shines through our BSCI and ISO 9001 certifications, ensuring excellence at every turn.

100% Support for Your Watering & Irrigation Tools Enterprise

Rapid Sampling for Watering & Irrigation Tools

Swift prototypes of watering and irrigation tools come to life effortlessly through Hantechn's automated in-house machinery. When urgency is a priority for your project, Hantechn is your ultimate solution.

  Our streamlined ordering process guarantees the timely delivery of your samples, eliminating unnecessary delays.

  Exceptional OEM and ODM Services

  Instant Quotes Tailored to Your Specific Requirements

  Expert Guidance on Custom Watering & Irrigation Tool Design and Functionality
  Punctual Production and Timely Dispatch

From your initial concept or sample, we craft a mold that undergoes your review and modification until it perfectly aligns with your specifications.



Confident Ordering Process for Watering & Irrigation Tools

At Hantechn, our team is dedicated to exceeding your standards for top-tier watering and irrigation tools. We consistently deliver unmatched quality and punctual production.

 Each watering and irrigation tool undergoes rigorous quality inspections before distribution.


 Collaborative Approach with Our Design Engineers

  Standardization of Materials and Components, Streamlined Assembly, and Effective Cost Management

  First Article Inspection to Verify Adherence to Your Specifications for Every Sample

On the lookout for a reputable watering and irrigation tools manufacturer? Personalize your solutions with Hantechn!


Hantechn - Your Leading Partner for Watering & Irrigation Tools in China

     Hantechn delivers top-tier, seamlessly integrated production to support wholesalers and brand proprietors in meeting their watering and irrigation tool requirements.
     Our capabilities for crafting a diverse range of watering and irrigation tools exceed those of most factories in China.

 Rapid Quoting Process 
Contact us anytime; prompt quotes are our specialty.
 Transparent Pricing
Our quotes encompass all costs; we consistently uphold the quoted prices.
 Flexible Minimum Order Quantity
We cater to all scales, from individual samples to extensive quantities of watering and irrigation tools.
 Unquestionably a Trailblazer
We stand at the forefront of the industry, excelling in the manufacturing of watering and irrigation tools across various subcategories.

Trusted By World-Class Brands

Watering & Irrigation Tools FAQ
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