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Quality Control

Hantechn takes product quality seriously. That’s why you should choose us as your import partner in China.
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Guaranteed Quality, 

Every time.

We at Hantechn are dedicated to providing our clients with products that meet or exceed all applicable global norms.

As a reliable supplier, we have never stooped to deceiving anyone or cheating; we are committed to providing you with honest and reliable goods and services.
  • Every single products produced by hantechn factory has undergone rigorous quality control inspections.
  • We use a state-of-the-art machine to ensure that every procedure is quick, precise, and measurable.

Pre-production Quality Control

 Excellent Raw Materials for a Successful Brand
We accept full responsibility for your products in every way. As a carefully vetted supplier network, ensuring that you always get exactly what you ordered is our top priority.

To guarantee that the final product will live up to our company's and our client's expectations, we create prototypes of the materials and compare them to the approved sample.

  In-house Sampling

We have a quality control team that creates trial parts from the raw materials in a given amount of time to ensure the production part's dimensions are within specification.
 Trial Component Examination
When placing large orders, we must ensure that our materials are of the highest quality. In light of this, the QC team will repeat their inspection of the products components from the quality checklist.

On-going Production Quality Control

Our quality management system governs the entire production process. Hantechn factory is ISO9001:2015 & amfori BSCI Verified. Our seasoned QC team closely monitors everything, from monitoring the process to conducting sampling tests and sorting out defective components. To guarantee that you receive safe, high-quality goods, we require that they adhere to standards set by governments around the world.

Pre-shipment Inspection

Hantechn is confident in the quality of the products we offer because of the systematic way they are assembled. Client inspection is welcome to guarantee that the products are of client standard.

 Outside Case Cartons

  • A standard layer thickness can range from one corrugated thickness to as many as five.
  • We make the actual production box with all the necessary markings and safety standards, then drop it from 1.2 meters to check for any signs of damage or deformation on the outside.
  • Since outer cartons protect products from damage in transit, passing this test is crucial.

  Inner Case Carton

  • Inner containers are opened to check for damage or exposure to sunlight.
  • We set up the corresponding internal box records.


  • We ensure everything is in order by double-checking the unit balances, including package size and product fit to grommet and load weight.
  • We also check that the product's logo, brand, and functionality are correct, as well as the battery brand, size, and type.
  • A UPC scan is performed on the shipping carton, the inner carton, and the unit case.
    7-105, Wuxing Intelligent Industrial Park,
No.65 Dacang Road, Changzhou,Jiangsu,China



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