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About Hantechn

Through our modern manufacturing services, we reduce your costs, speed up your gardening products to the market, and help you gain a competitive edge.
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Hantechn can help you wholesale or customized products at the most competitive prices, providing one-stop garden purchase service.

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Professional Gardening Products, Garden Tools Supplier!

Since 2013, hantechn has been a professional supplier of garden products and garden tools in China and has been certified by ISO 9001, BSCI and FSC. With extensive expertise and a professional quality control system, hantechn has been providing different types of customized garden products to large and small brands for more than 10 years.


Our Task

For new importers, sourcing from China can be intimidating. Hantechn takes those importers seriously, especially e-commerce business owners. We help our clients find the best manufacturers, ensure the quality of products and arrange shipment to their doorstep, making the whole sourcing process easier and safer.

Our Achievements

Happy Clients
Million-dollar Sellers
Facebook Followers
Youtube Subscribers


Mission & Vision & Value




Let the world gardens have Hantechn's gene.






Innovation and strict selection, do the world brand. Joint operation, achieve common prosperity.




Excellence, always strive for the first! Teamwork, customer first!



A Group of Brilliant and Passionate Minds

We are passionate about our profession and are eager to move to the next level to provide our clients with higher returns on their projects with customized and sustainable gardening products, garden tool solutions.
  Best Manufacturing Service
It all comes down to solving your challenges and completing your project. We always go beyond for you.

  Professional Technical Advice

Any inquiry you make will be thoroughly investigated and a response will be made within 24 hours with practical advice and effective solutions.


What are essential gardening tools?10 essential tools you need to get started as a gardener.

Essential gardening tools can vary somewhat depending on the type of gardening you're doing: Garden Gloves: Protect your hands from thorns, blisters, and dirt.Hand Trowel: Useful for digging small holes for planting, transplanting, or weeding.Pruning Shears/Secateurs: For trimming and shaping plants

Digging Tools in Agriculture.png
Top 5 List of the Best Sprayers for the Garden

The best sprayers for the garden in 2024,provide you with a list of popular and highly regarded garden sprayers that have been well-received by users and experts:

Top 5 List of the Best Sprayers for the Garden.png
Which sprayer is best for garden farming?Where to buy sprayer parts?

what is the sprayer?A sprayer is a device used to apply liquids, typically in the form of a spray, onto surfaces or objects. In the context of gardening or farming, sprayers are commonly used to apply pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other chemicals, as well as water for irrigation.Learn abo

    7-105, Wuxing Intelligent Industrial Park,
No.65 Dacang Road, Changzhou,Jiangsu,China



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