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Power up your outdoor decor with Hantechn's garden decoration !
With our LOW MOQ and competitive wholesale price, you can start your next garden decoration and have it customized according to your requirement.
Our outdoor decorations meet all global quality measures. We are happy to provide samples for any extra inspections or test reports you may require.

garden arch

Garden Arches & Trellis


Garden arches and trellises are popular garden structures used to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of outdoor spaces. They serve various purposes, from providing support for climbing plants to adding visual interest and defining garden boundaries.

Garden Fencing

Garden Fencing


Garden fencing is an essential component of many gardens and outdoor spaces. It serves several important purposes, ranging from providing privacy and security to defining boundaries and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a garden.

solar garden light

Solar Garden Lights


Solar garden lights are a fantastic addition to your outdoor decor, not only adding a touch of elegance but also providing practical illumination. These lights are designed to harness energy from the sun during the day and use it to light up your garden at night.

Discover a world of outdoor elegance with Hantechn, a leading manufacturer specializing in enhancing your outdoor spaces. Our collection boasts an impressive range of garden products, from charming garden arches and trellises to reliable fencing solutions. Whether you're in search of beautifully crafted garden trellis designs or sturdy fencing options, your search ends here with our carefully curated selection.

 Transforming Spaces And Long-Lasting

Our outdoor garden decorations are infused with a captivating charm that transforms any space into a haven of beauty. Crafted in our state-of-the-art facilities, using cutting-edge materials and equipment, we ensure that unparalleled quality radiates from each of our offerings.


 Unmatched Quality at an Attainable Price

Every piece of outdoor decor from Hantechn is a testament to meticulous design and artistry, all while keeping your financial plans intact.


 Comprehensive Solutions and 99.9% On-Time Delivery

With years of accumulated expertise, Hantech has devised a sophisticated Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for manufacturing, coupled with an all-inclusive service approach. Our aim is to consistently exceed customer expectations by embracing a culture of systematic excellence, methodical precision, swiftness, and adaptability.

We design and manufacture our outdoor enhancement with dependability in mind. All products were subjected to rigorous testing that exceeded industry requirements.
Design-Centric Approach

Design-Centric Approach

The heart of our outdoor decoration products lies in their meticulously crafted designs. Throughout the creation of our garden adornments, we seamlessly incorporate your ideas, making your vision an integral part of our design journey.
Cutting-Edge Components for Garden Elegance

Cutting-Edge Components

Elevating your outdoor spaces requires top-tier materials. Our outdoor decoration products are meticulously fashioned from premium plastics, stainless steel, wood,branded Metal components.
Precision in Molding

Precision in Molding

Our tailored molds are shaped with exacting precision, adhering to industry benchmarks. Whether you share a sample or provide design specifications, we translate your concepts into tangible beauty.
Crafted with Rigorous Assembly Standards

Crafted with Rigorous Assembly Standards

The longevity of our products stems from their capacity to endure consistent usage. Certified by ISO9001 and BSCI, our assembly processes are honed to perfection, guaranteeing resilience in every piece.
Guaranteed quality, every time.

Ensuring Excellence Through Rigorous Checks

A comprehensive examination awaits each of our outdoor decoration products. Our products undergo meticulous audits to align with the exacting standards you demand.
Comprehensive Support at Every Step

Comprehensive Support at 

Every Step

From raw material selection to sample inspection and crafting, our process is comprehensive. Before dispatch, each product is subjected to rigorous assessments, ensuring flawless functionality.

Why Hantechn is the Choice for Distributors

At Hantechn, our commitment to excellence shines through in our state-of-the-art production line and exceptional solutions for outdoor garden decoration.
 We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers enjoy an unparalleled, efficient, and secure sourcing experience.
Our proficient in-house engineers specialize in CNC machining, delivering enduring and top-notch designs for outdoor decor products. Each step of crafting our garden adornments is meticulously optimized.
With over a decade of experience as an OEM/ODM manufacturer, Hantech has fostered robust global partnerships through years of dedicated research and manufacturing assistance.
Our competitive pricing is a testament to our commitment to value without compromising on the quality of our outdoor garden decoration offerings.

Professional Ordering Process

Quick Quotes
We offer sample and mass production quotations. Our team will respond with full details of your inquiry within 12 hours.
Approve Samples
Receive free samples and confirm the specs. Once approved, we immediately start the pre-production.
We follow manufacturing SOP for producing our flashlights; you are guaranteed to receive goods with quality as expected.
Quality Assurance
We are a tools manufacturer that adheres to standard quality control on all of our tools.

The Hantechn Standard

We offer revolutionary outdoor decor solutions for brand owners, retailers, industry manufacturers, and wholesalers.

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Focus On The Market


Hantechn continually offers on-trend and budget-friendly outdoor garden decoration products, drawing inspiration from diverse segments within the decor industry.


Frame 6356017  

Putting Customers First


With an unwavering focus on our customers, all our innovations, services, and offerings are meticulously crafted to cater to their unique requirements.


Frame 6356017  

Vast Expertise


Over the last 10 years, we have honed our expertise in delivering dependable garden decoration solutions. Our approach is rooted in industry experience, established processes, and proven methodologies.

Frame 6356017  

Punctual Deliveries


Hantechn is resolutely committed to timely project completion. Our streamlined processes allow us to swiftly produce high-quality garden decor products without compromising excellence.

Frame 6356017  

Garden Adornments


For your most stringent demands, Hantechn provides tailored solutions. Our OEM and ODM services stand ready to assist you in realizing your unique visions for garden decoration.


Frame 6356017  

Seamless In-House Production


Our internal garden decor production line empowers us to furnish top-notch, cost-effective solutions that align perfectly with your requirements.


Trusted By World-Class Brands

  • Q Do you outsource your Outdoor Decor?

    At Hantechn, we pride ourselves on in-house production, ensuring meticulous control over the quality and design of our outdoor garden decoration products.
  • Q How can I enhance and beautify my garden?

    Elevating your garden's aesthetics is made easy with our range of outdoor decor products. From charming garden arches and trellises to robust garden fencing, our offerings transform ordinary spaces into enchanting outdoor havens.
  • Q Can I personalize my Outdoor Decor?

    Absolutely! We offer customizable solutions to match your distinct preferences. Our design and manufacturing teams collaborate to create outdoor decor that aligns with your vision.
  • Q What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for your products?

    Our MOQ varies depending on the specific outdoor decor product. To learn more about the MOQ for the product you're interested in, please get in touch with our sales team.
  • Q How long can I expect your Outdoor Decor to last?

    Our outdoor garden decoration products are crafted with durability in mind. Thanks to high-quality materials and meticulous construction, you can expect our products to withstand the test of time and weather, providing enduring beauty to your garden for years to come.
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