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You are here: Home » Products » Outdoor Decor » Bee & Rabbit Supplies » Solitary Bee Hive Wooden Bee House GT16127

Solitary Bee Hive Wooden Bee House GT16127

Our Bee House is made from natural wood, providing a safe and inviting environment for solitary bees to nest and help with pollination in your garden.
  • GT16127

  • Hantechn

  • Wood

  • 26.5*20.5*35.5 / 22*20.5*46.5cm

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About this item:

Solitary Bee Hive Wooden Bee House - A Haven for Pollinators

Introducing our Solitary Bee Hive Wooden Bee House, a dedicated space for these essential pollinators to thrive in your garden. Crafted from natural wood, this bee house comes in two sizes to accommodate different species of bees.

  • Natural Wooden Design: 

  • Our Bee House is meticulously crafted from natural wood, offering a rustic and eco-friendly addition to your garden. It seamlessly blends with your garden's aesthetics while providing a safe haven for essential pollinators.

  • Two Size Options: 

  • We understand that gardens vary in size and bee populations. That's why we offer two size options: 26.5*20.5*35.5cm and 22*20.5*46.5cm, ensuring you can choose the perfect fit for your garden's needs.

  • Supports Pollinators: 

  • Our Bee House is not just a decorative item; it's a commitment to supporting nature's essential workers. By providing a welcoming habitat, you encourage pollination and enhance the vitality of your garden.

  • Strategic Placement: 

  • To maximize its effectiveness, place the Bee House in a sunny, sheltered spot within your garden, ideally near flowering plants that require pollination. Secure mounting ensures stability.

  • Eco-Friendly Choice: 

  • Crafted from natural wood, our Bee House is an eco-friendly choice that aligns with sustainable practices. It reflects your dedication to environmental stewardship and a thriving garden ecosystem.

Choose our Solitary Bee Hive Wooden Bee House to invite and nurture these diligent pollinators in your garden. It's more than just a structure; it's a gesture of care towards the environment and an investment in a flourishing garden. Embrace the magic of nature as it works through the gentle hum of bees, and enjoy the bounties of a greener, more vibrant garden. Start your journey towards a thriving garden ecosystem today!


Brand Hantechn
Material Wood
Style Garden
Size 26.5*20.5*35.5 / 22*20.5*46.5cm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Hantechn Solitary Bee Hive Wooden Bee House

Q1: What are solitary bee hives, and how do they differ from traditional beehives?

A1: Solitary bee hives, like the one offered by Hantechn, are designed to attract solitary bee species. Unlike traditional beehives for honeybees, solitary bee hives provide shelter for non-colonizing bees that don't form large hives. These bees are excellent pollinators and are vital for garden and orchard health.

Q2: How do solitary bee hives benefit my garden or outdoor space?

A2: Solitary bee hives help improve pollination of your garden plants and fruit trees. By attracting and providing a nesting place for solitary bees, you can enhance the yield of your crops and the overall health of your garden.

Q3: What kind of wood is used in Hantechn's Solitary Bee Hive Wooden Bee House?

A3: Hantechn's Solitary Bee Hive is crafted from high-quality wood. The wood is carefully chosen for its durability and ability to withstand outdoor conditions. The choice of wood may vary based on product availability.

Q4: Are the solitary bee hives provided by Hantechn suitable for all bee species?

A4: Hantechn's Solitary Bee Hive is designed to attract a variety of solitary bee species. However, the specific bee species that inhabit the hive may vary depending on your location and local bee population.

Q5: How do I install and maintain a Solitary Bee Hive Wooden Bee House in my garden?

A5: Installing the Solitary Bee Hive is simple. Choose a location with partial sunlight, mount it securely, and ensure it is stable. Regular maintenance is minimal – just clean and inspect the hive in the early spring before bees become active.

Q6: Can I relocate the solitary bee hive once it's installed?

A6: It's best not to relocate the solitary bee hive once bees have occupied it, as this can disrupt their nesting habits. It's recommended to choose a suitable location from the beginning.

Q8: Do solitary bee hives require any additional care, such as cleaning or pest control?**

A8: Solitary bee hives generally require very little care. Cleaning may be necessary before the bees become active in the spring, and pest control is rarely needed as solitary bees have fewer pests compared to honeybees.

Q9: Can I purchase Solitary Bee Hive Wooden Bee Houses in bulk for larger-scale pollination efforts?

A9: Yes, Hantechn welcomes bulk orders for larger-scale pollination and conservation efforts. Please contact our customer service to discuss bulk ordering options and pricing.

Q10: What is the expected lifespan of a Solitary Bee Hive Wooden Bee House from Hantechn?

A10: With proper care and maintenance, Hantechn's Solitary Bee Hive can last for many years, providing valuable pollination and support for your garden and outdoor space.

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