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You are here: Home » Products » Outdoor Decor » Bee & Rabbit Supplies » Solitary Bee Hive House Wooden Habitat GT16098


Solitary Bee Hive House Wooden Habitat GT16098

Our Solitary Bee Hive House(Wooden Habitat) is specifically designed to attract and provide shelter for solitary bees, which play a crucial role in pollinating plants and flowers.
  • GT16098

  • Hantechn

  • Pine

  • 21.5 * 14 cm

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About this item:

Bee House - A Cozy Haven for Pollinators

Introducing our Solitary Bee Hive House, a charming addition to your outdoor space designed to provide a cozy haven for essential pollinators. Crafted from natural pine, this bee house not only enhances your garden's aesthetics but also supports the vital role of bees in our ecosystem.

  • Natural Pine Beauty: 

  • Our Bee House is distinguished by its natural pine wood beauty. Crafted from pine, it blends seamlessly into your garden, offering an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly addition.

  • Pollinator Support: 

  • This Bee House is not merely decorative; it serves as a critical support structure for essential pollinators. By providing a nesting place for solitary bees and other pollinating insects, it plays a vital role in enhancing the health and productivity of your garden.

  • Garden Enhancement: 

  • Our Bee House isn't just a habitat; it's a valuable addition to elevate your garden's ecological balance. It fosters a healthy ecosystem by attracting pollinators, leading to increased fruit and vegetable yields.

  • Low-Maintenance: 

  • Minimal maintenance is required for the Bee House. An annual cleaning ensures a welcoming environment for pollinators. Regularly removing debris and ensuring unobstructed nesting holes is all it takes to support these vital insects.

  • Versatility for Solitary Bees: 

  • Designed to attract various solitary bee species, our Bee House is versatile and adaptable to the diverse pollination needs of your garden. It offers a cozy refuge for these unsung heroes of pollination, ensuring their continued presence in your garden.

Support the essential work of pollinators and enhance your garden's vitality with our Pine Bee House. It's more than just a habitat; it's a symbol of your commitment to environmental stewardship and the well-being of your garden. Embrace the natural beauty and functionality of our Pine Bee House and witness the flourishing of your garden ecosystem.


Brand Hantechn
Material Pine
Style Garden
Size 21.5 * 14 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the Bee House benefit my garden?

The Bee House provides shelter and nesting space for solitary bees, which are vital pollinators. Their presence enhances the pollination of your garden plants, leading to increased fruit and vegetable yields.

2. Is maintenance required for the Bee House?

Minimal maintenance is needed. Cleaning the Bee House annually ensures a healthy environment for the pollinators. Simply remove any debris and ensure that the holes remain unobstructed.

3. How do I position the Bee House in my garden?

Place the Bee House in a sunny, sheltered spot, approximately eye level or slightly higher. This encourages pollinators to find and utilize it effectively.

4. Is it suitable for all types of bees?

Yes, our Bee House is designed to attract various solitary bee species, making it versatile and beneficial for your garden's pollination needs.

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