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You are here: Home » Products » Greenhouses » Outdoor Portable Walk-in Greenhouse with Roll Up Zipper Door GT24058

Outdoor Portable Walk-in Greenhouse with Roll Up Zipper Door GT24058

Enhance your gardening with Outdoor Portable Walk-in Greenhouse featuring a convenient Roll Up Zipper Door. Ensure stability with extra anchors and ropes.
  • GT24058

  • Hantechn

  • Metal

  • 56 x 29 x 77 inches

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About this item:

Extend Your Growing Season: Outdoor Portable Walk-in Greenhouse with Roll-Up Zipper Door

Greenhouse can create an ideal growth environment for your plants, maintain a relatively constant temperature, prevent plants from frostbite and sunburn, keep the interior moist, and prevent rain erosion.

The greenhouse has a large space, 2 pots of plants can be placed on each floor, and a plant with a height of 60 inches can be placed in the center. Plenty of space allows you to walk into trimming flowers or watering.

It can be placed indoors and outdoors. Lightweight and easy to move.

  • Care for Plant Growth:


Greenhouse kits for outdoors protects your plants from frost, excessive sun exposure, and also keeps the interior moist. Closing the roll-up door of the green house can prevents small animals from damaging the plants.


Relatively constant temperatures and moist conditions will allow plants to grow earlier and extend the growing season.


  • Large Space and Capacity:


Product dimensions are 56.3(L) X 28.7(W) x 76.8(H) inches, easy for you to walk in. The walk in greenhouse has 4 wired shelves, each with a maximum weight capacity of 22 lbs.


  • Reliable Quality:


PE outer protective cover is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and resistant to erosion and low temperature. Sturdy push-fit tubular iron frame with spray paint rust prevention process. Ground nails and rope help stabilize the portable greenhouse and prevent it from being blown down by strong winds.


  • Roll-up Zippered Door:


The door can be rolled up and down freely and two ribbons are tied to ensure the door stays open. Zippered design provides an easy access for air circulation and easy watering.


  • Easy to Assemble:


The greenhouse is portable (net weight: 11 lbs) and easy to move, assemble and disassemble, can be assembled without any tools. You can watch our assembly video (on the product detail page) or manual before assembling.



Brand Hantechn
Material PE
Style Garden
Size 56.3(L) X 28.7(W) x 76.8(H) inches
Weight 22lbs

Embrace year-round gardening with the Outdoor Portable Walk-in Greenhouse, featuring a convenient Roll-Up Zipper Door. This greenhouse is not just a shelter for your plants; it's a versatile and portable solution to extend your growing season. Explore the benefits of this greenhouse, and discover why adding extra anchors and wind ropes enhances its durability.


  • Year-Round Gardening Bliss


The Outdoor Portable Walk-in Greenhouse transforms your gardening experience, allowing you to cultivate your favorite plants throughout the year. Shield your plants from harsh weather conditions, extend their growing season, and create a controlled environment for optimal growth.


  • Convenient Roll-Up Zipper Door


The Roll-Up Zipper Door adds a layer of convenience to accessing and ventilating your greenhouse. Easily roll up the door to allow fresh air in or regulate the temperature inside. The zipper design ensures effortless entry and exit, making your gardening tasks hassle-free.


  • Enhanced Stability with Extra Anchors


For added stability, use the extra anchors provided with the greenhouse. These anchors secure your greenhouse to the ground, preventing it from shifting or tipping during inclement weather. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your plants are protected, even in challenging conditions.


  • Wind Ropes for Extra Security


Make the most of the Wind Ropes included with the greenhouse. These ropes add an extra layer of security, preventing the greenhouse from swaying or being affected by strong winds. Ensure the longevity of your greenhouse investment by utilizing these practical wind ropes.


  • Portable Freedom


The Outdoor Portable Walk-in Greenhouse is designed for flexibility. Move it to different areas of your garden or yard as needed. Enjoy the freedom to experiment with sunlight exposure and find the perfect spot for your plants' optimal growth.


  • Easy Assembly and Disassembly


Experience the ease of setting up and taking down your greenhouse. The straightforward assembly process ensures you spend less time on logistics and more time tending to your plants. The portable nature of the greenhouse allows you to adapt to changing gardening needs effortlessly.


Outdoor Portable Walk-in Greenhouse with Roll-Up Zipper Door provides a versatile and convenient solution for year-round gardening. Utilize the extra anchors and wind ropes to enhance stability, ensuring your plants thrive in a secure and controlled environment. Elevate your gardening game with this portable greenhouse, where convenience meets functionality.

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No.65 Dacang Road, Changzhou,Jiangsu,China



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