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You are here: Home » Products » Pot & Planter » Plant Pots » 4" 5" 6" Small Clay with Air Circulation Holes Planter Flower Pot

4" 5" 6" Small Clay with Air Circulation Holes Planter Flower Pot

Elevate Your Greenery with the 4", 5", 6" Small Clay Planter Set – Natural Elegance, Versatile Sizes, and Breathable Beauty.
  • Hantechn

  • Earthenware

  • 4" 5" 6"

  • 0.2-1.3 kg

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About this item:

Hantechn 4" 5" 6" Small Clay with Air Circulation Holes Planter Flower Pot - Healthy Growth with Air Circulation

  • Natural Elegance in Small Clay

Enhance Your Greenery with the 4", 5", 6" Small Clay Planter Set

Bring a touch of natural elegance to your plants with our Small Clay Planter Set. Available in 4", 5", and 6" sizes, these planters are crafted with precision to complement the beauty of your favorite flowers or succulents. The earthy charm of clay adds a timeless appeal to your indoor or outdoor garden.

Featuring air circulation holes, these planters ensure optimal soil aeration and drainage, promoting healthy root growth. Elevate your plant display with the understated beauty of Small Clay Planters.


  • Versatile Sizes for Every Plant

Tailor Your Plant Display with the 4", 5", 6" Small Clay Flower Pots

Whether you have petite succulents or vibrant blooms, our Small Clay Flower Pots offer versatility for every plant in your collection. The set includes three sizes – 4", 5", and 6", allowing you to tailor your plant display to suit the unique needs and aesthetics of each green companion.

The thoughtful design of air circulation holes ensures that your plants receive the right amount of oxygen and drainage, promoting a healthy and thriving garden. Embrace versatility and elevate your plant styling with this Small Clay Flower Pot set.

  • Breathable Beauty in Clay

Promote Healthy Growth with the 4", 5", 6" Small Clay Planter Trio

Invest in the well-being of your plants with our Small Clay Planter Trio featuring sizes 4", 5", and 6". These planters are more than just decorative – they promote healthy growth through optimal soil aeration and drainage, thanks to strategically placed air circulation holes.

The timeless beauty of clay adds a rustic charm to your garden, making these planters a perfect fit for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Nurture your plants with breathable beauty and watch them flourish in the 4", 5", 6" Small Clay Planter Trio.





Brand Hantechn
Material Earthenware
Style Garden
Size 4" 5" 6"


About this item:

Unleash the potential of your plants with our set of Small, Medium, and Large Clay Orchid Pots, meticulously crafted for the utmost in durability, air circulation, and plant health. Here's why these pots are a game-changer for your gardening endeavors:


Variants for Every Need – Perfect Trio of Sizes!

Our set caters to all your planting needs with small, medium, and large orchid pots. The small pot boasts a 4-inch upper diameter and height, the medium-sized pot measures 5 inches in both upper diameter and height, while the large pot impresses with a 6-inch upper diameter and 5-inch height. Whatever your plant's size, we've got you covered.


Sturdy, Reliable Terracotta Material – Built to Last!

Crafted from quality terracotta clay and fired at high temperatures, our orchid pots guarantee sturdiness and resilience. With these pots, you invest in long-lasting companions for your green friends.


Novelty Perforated Design – Optimal Air Circulation and Drainage!

Our terracotta pots feature a unique perforated design with multiple holes on the side for superior air circulation and impeccable drainage. The accompanying trays ensure cleanliness and balanced airflow, creating an environment conducive to plant health.


Ideal for Various Settings – Versatility at Its Best!

Whether you're cultivating a small succulent or nurturing a larger flowering plant, our differently sized clay pots with drainage holes cater to various plant needs. Elevate the aesthetics and growth of your potted plants effortlessly.


Pottery Excellence – Crafted at 1000 °C!

The pottery clay used in our orchid pots undergoes firing and forming at 1000 °C, ensuring durability, a clear and crisp sound, strong water absorption, reduced water evaporation, oxygen permeability, and moisturizing properties. Your plants will thrive in this environment.


Antifreeze, Breathable, and Heat-Resisting – A Haven for Plant Growth!

Equipped with water holes, our orchid pots offer antifreeze properties, breathable spaces, and heat resistance, providing the ultimate protection and support for your plant's growth.


Transform your gardening experience with our Terracotta Orchid Pots – where form meets functionality, and your plants flourish in style!



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