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You are here: Home » Products » Pot & Planter » Grow Bags » Potato Grow Bags GT15043

Potato Grow Bags GT15043

Potato Grow Bags with Flap 10 Gallon, 4 Pack Planter Pot with Handles and Harvest Window for Potato Tomato and Vegetables, Black and Gray
  • GT15043

  • Hantechn

  • Fabric

  • 5/7/10 Gallon

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About this item:

4 Pack of Potato Grow Bags

  • Premium Material -

  • Made of breathable double layer non-woven fabric, material is heavy duty felt, the bag ensures good ventilation to prevent excessive moisture, also provide more oxygen for your plants. The strong and biodegradable material can prolong the service life of the bags, at the same time cause no pollution.

  • Convenient Design -

  • These grow bag comes with large harvest window, through which you can check your plant and easily harvest veggies. These grow bags are made of sturdy material to ensure you may move around the bags filled with soil.

  • Large Capacity -

  • These vegetable grow bags with large capacity of 10 gallons allow to grow veggies as much as you want. Thanks to the large size, it will create a stable growing environment for veggies and flowers.

  • Easy to Move -

  • The strong handles make them easy to move around as your needs. These potato grow bags are perfect to use at patios, gardens, balconies, sunrooms and any indoor/outdoor space. They can be used to grow potato, onions, taro, radish, carrots and other vegetables.

  • Easy to Store and Reuse -

  • The bags can be easily fold up and won't take up much space when storing. Easily move and flap the lid to harvest potatoes without much effort. Please put about 4 to 6 seeds in each bag. At the end of the growing season, you may empty the bags, simply clean them and store dry.


Material Fabric
Style Modern
Usage form Wall mounted, modular, desktop
Capacity 5/7/10 Gallon


Planting Tips

1. Moisten the soil and compost mix thoroughly. Fill about 1/3 full (6"-8" deep) with a 50/50 mixture of garden soil and compost.

2. Evenly space 3 to 5 seed potatoes and/or pieces ("eyes up" ) and cover with 3 inches of soil.

3. As the potatoes continue growing, continue adding soil/compost mix until you reach the top of the grow bag.

4. Water regularly. During hot and dry summer days, potato plants should be watered once every 2 to 3 days. During cooler days with rainfall, potatoes may not need watering at all.

5. Look for signs when the leaves start yellowing and the stems wilt. Then stop watering and wait a week or two. Potatoes are ready for harvesting when more than 50% of the leaves have turned yellow.

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