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Garden 3-tooth Fork GT1010-1C

Gardening is not just a hobby; it's a passion, and Hantechn Garden 3-tooth Fork is here to help you nurture that passion.
  • GT1010-1C

  • Hantechn

  • Stainless steel + Plastic

  • 31.5 * 7.5 cm

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About this item:

Garden 3-tooth Fork: Your Essential Gardening Companion

A flourishing garden is a testament to care and dedication, and our Garden 3-tooth Fork is here to make your gardening tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Crafted with precision using a combination of durable stainless steel and practical plastic, featuring a comfortable 14.5cm handle and a product size measuring 31.5*7.5cm, this tool is designed to help you nurture your garden with ease.

  • Stainless Steel and Reliable Plastic Construction: 

  • The Garden 3-tooth Fork is meticulously engineered with a blend of durable stainless steel and dependable plastic. This unique combination ensures the fork's durability and unwavering performance, establishing it as an essential tool in your gardening repertoire.

  • Efficient and Convenient Product Size: 

  • Measuring 31.5*7.5cm, the Garden 3-tooth Fork strikes the ideal balance between convenience and efficiency. Its design accommodates a wide spectrum of gardening tasks, from soil loosening to weeding and aeration.

  • Multi-Purpose Gardening:

  • This fork is your versatile companion in the garden, excelling in various gardening activities, including breaking up compacted soil, weed removal, and enhancing soil aeration.

  • Effective Soil Aeration: 

  • The 3-tooth design of the fork facilitates efficient soil aeration, ensuring that your plants receive the essential oxygen and nutrients for robust growth.

  • Low Maintenance: 

  • Cleaning and maintaining the Garden 3-tooth Fork is effortless. After use, a quick rinse with water removes dirt and debris. Its materials require no specialized care or storage conditions, simplifying your gardening routine.


Brand Hantechn
Material Stainless steel + Plastic
Handle length 14.5 cm
Product size 31.5 * 7.5 cm

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Garden 3-tooth Fork

1. What materials are used in the construction of the Garden 3-tooth Fork?

The Garden 3-tooth Fork is expertly crafted using a combination of stainless steel for the fork's teeth and durable plastic for the handle. This blend ensures strength, durability, and resistance to rust.

2. What is the length of the handle on this garden fork?

The handle of the Garden 3-tooth Fork has a length of 14.5cm, providing a comfortable and ergonomic grip for gardeners of all heights.

3.How many teeth does this garden fork have, and what are they designed for?

The Garden 3-tooth Fork features three sturdy stainless steel teeth that are designed for tasks such as breaking up soil, cultivating, and aerating the ground. It's a versatile tool for maintaining your garden's health.

4. Is the plastic handle of the fork durable and weather-resistant?

Yes, the plastic handle of the Garden 3-tooth Fork is both durable and resistant to outdoor weather conditions. It is designed to withstand exposure to sunlight and moisture.

5. Can I use this garden fork for both small and large gardening projects?

Absolutely! The Garden 3-tooth Fork's design allows it to excel in both small-scale gardening tasks like weeding and larger projects such as soil cultivation. Its versatility makes it an essential tool for any gardener.

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