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2-Pack Outdoor Drawstring Frost Freeze Protection Plant Covers

Keep your outdoor plants safe from frost and freeze damage with our 2-Pack Outdoor Drawstring Frost Freeze Protection Plant Covers.
  • Hantechn

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About this item:

Hantechn 2-Pack Outdoor Drawstring Frost Freeze Protection Plant Covers - Frost cloth jackets for plants

42_W x 45_H-06
78_W x 89_H-04

  • Protect Your Plants: 2-Pack Freeze Protection Plant Covers

Shield your outdoor plants from frost and freeze damage with our 2-Pack Freeze Protection Plant Covers. Each pack includes two durable covers measuring 48" x 72", providing ample coverage for your plants during cold weather conditions. Crafted from lightweight 2.2 oz frost cloth, these covers offer reliable protection without weighing down your plants.


  • Easy Application: Drawstring Tree Cover Design

Ensure hassle-free installation with our covers' convenient drawstring design. Simply slip the cover over your plants and tighten the drawstring to secure it in place. The adjustable closure allows for a snug fit, preventing cold air from penetrating and protecting your plants from frost, snow, and ice. With our covers, safeguarding your outdoor plants during winter has never been easier.

  • Versatile Protection: Ideal for Outdoor Plants and Shrubs

Whether you have potted plants, shrubs, or trees in your garden, our freeze protection covers are designed to meet your needs. Their generous size and durable construction make them suitable for a variety of outdoor plants, providing essential protection against harsh winter weather. Protect your garden investment and ensure your plants thrive year-round with our reliable freeze protection covers.




About this item:

Protect Your Outdoor Plants with 2-Pack Drawstring Frost Freeze Protection Plant Covers


Various Sizes for Versatile Usage


Our frost plant covers come in three different sizes: 42" x 45", 48" x 72", and 78" x 89", ensuring compatibility with various plant sizes and types.


Lightweight and Durable Material


These garden covers offer comprehensive protection against frost, freeze, rain, snow, wind, and low temperatures during winter. Moreover, they shield plants from excessive sunlight, insects, and birds in spring and summer, ensuring year-round plant health.


Easy-to-Use Design


Featuring an intuitive drawstring attachment around the bottom and a zipper on one side, our tree covers are effortless to use. Simply slip the cover over the plant's foliage and gently tighten the drawstring around the stem for secure protection.


Optimal Protection for Your Plants


With our 2-Pack Outdoor Drawstring Frost Freeze Protection Plant Covers, you can safeguard your outdoor plants against harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Enjoy the convenience of versatile sizes, lightweight yet durable material, comprehensive winterization, and user-friendly design. Ensure the health and longevity of your plants with ease and confidence.



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